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Josh Mayes 2019.jpg

Joshua Mayes is a New York City based director and director of photography with 25 years of experience in film and television.

Josh’s love of imagery and storytelling began when he was a kid fascinated by reruns of The Twilight Zone.  After studying film and television at Boston University, he started working as a camera operator on The Real World.

Josh was trained to shoot in a single camera vérité fashion and he was hooked.  Throughout his career, Josh has collaborated on every level of production from conception to execution.  He’s worked with some of the highest profile names in television, film and politics, and in diverse environments from large multi-national production companies to small non-profits.   

Josh’s credit list can be viewed here: Joshua Mayes Credits 2019

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Amy Mayes is a New York City based still photographer creating authentic, storytelling images for film and television, corporate, editorial and non-profit clients. 

A highly sought-after photographer and businesswoman, Amy’s earliest influence was her grandmother, an artist and activist, who taught her about aesthetic and creative process at a young age.

Amy has degrees in sociology and criminal justice and spent ten years as a federal probation officer as she built her photography business from the ground up.

With an eye for relationships and community, Amy brings a unique sensibility to her work. She’s a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion and an active and visible member of the LGBTQ and allied business community.

Amy’s work can be viewed on her website.